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The Importance of Being Human

on September 29, 2016

This year’s course with Dr Johnston McMaster begins next week, on Thursday 6th October at 8pm. Anyone who has been to these courses in previous years will know how enormously invigorating and inspiring they are, and what a privilege it is to hear Johnston speak and to share in the conversations which his ideas spark.

This year’s topic will be especially thought-provoking for all of us. In The Importance of Being Human: Biblical Insights on Being Human Together Johnston will be looking at what the Bible tells us about our humanity. For much of our lives we live out of labels invented by society and these labels define and confine us. We uncritically buy into them and live by them. So we are Protestant or Catholic, Irish or British, Christian or Muslim, male or female, straight or gay. And there are more! They are all about categories of superior/inferior, dominant/dominated, normal/abnormal. But who determines all of this? None of it is who we really are. So what does it mean to be authentically human? How can we be human together? How can we enable human flourishing and promote and sustain human wellbeing?

The course this year will be held at the Bridge Centre , 16 East Bridge Street Enniskillen (the hall beside/behind the Presbyterian Church) from 8pm until 10pm on Thursday evenings from 6th October to 3rd November (see course outline below). Each evening is self-contained, so if you can’t get to all of them that isn’t a problem. They are entirely free of charge, open to everyone, and there is no need to book. Please feel free to share this post with family, friends and colleagues.


Course Outline


Week 1 (Oct 6)

Beginning with the Human : Genesis 1 and Reimagining Who We Are

Week 2 (Oct 13)

Being Human and Humane Together : Jesus as Son of Man and Truly Human

Week 3 (Oct 20)

The Practice of Being Human Together : The Micah Vision of a Humane Society

Week 4 (Oct 27)

I Consume Therefore I Am! : Beyond Individualism to Neighbourly Covenant

Week 5 (Nov 3)

Remember, You Are Dust: Every Wednesday an Ash Wednesday to Realize Our Vulnerable, Authentic Identity

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