Fermanagh Churches Forum

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Seminar series

on November 11, 2015

Are we still up for the challenge of reconciliation? Seventeen years on from the
hope-filled Belfast Agreement, things have changed for the better, but we remain a
society limping from one crisis to another. Our political inability to deal with the
past and with sectarianism leaves us prisoners of our history and culture. We still
share no vision of a common good and no clear path into the future.
Faith communities are an integral part  our struggles towards recnciliation and,
we must admit, part of their failures. We feel disheartened and disillusioned by yet
another crisis in what feels like an endless stream of the same.
But ‘crisis’ in the language of the Christian gospel means judgment and also
opportunity. Are people of faith still able to honour their long-term commitment to
reconciliation, to renew their vision and active engagement?
A new five-part course in Enniskillen, facilitated by the well-known and popular Dr.
Johnston McMaster, will be exploring these questions. Organised by the Fermanagh
Churches Forum and supported by the Community Relations Council, the course will
begin this Thursday, 5th November, at 8pm in the Waterways Ireland headquarters
on the Sligo Road.
All are very welcome, entrance is free, including refreshments, and there is no need to book.

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