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FCF autumn programme

on September 4, 2019

As summer draws to an end we turn our attention again to the autumn FCF programme. We begin on Wed September 18th with our annual Good Relations Week conference.


 Date: Wed  18 Sept

 Theme:  Making Change For Peace : 100 Years of Democracy in Ireland?

Venue: Killyhevlin Hotel Enniskillen

Time: 10am – 4pm

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Johnston McMaster

One  hundred years ago Ireland, north and south, began their journeys in democracy. In 1919 the Dail or Assembly was formed in Dublin, and in 1921 the Northern Ireland Parliament was opened in Belfast. How has democracy fared in a century? Did violence maim democracy from the start? Has continued violence, constitutional contestedness and a pervasive culture of sectarianism hindered democracy in Northern Ireland? Today there is a democratic recession in many parts of the world, including the Atlantic-West. Will democracy survive here and in the wider world? Then again, maybe there is a better form of governance and organising society to be created. At the moment democracy is the best we have. If peace and democracy are two sides of the coin, how can we make change for peace, build on the Good Friday Agreement of 1998? This conference will explore how we can do that by critically looking at how we can shape a democracy that is inclusive, participatory, deliberative, compassionate and committed to the creation of the common good. That may mean doing politics and civil society very differently. So let’s make democracy truly democratic!

For catering purposes it is necessary to register for the conference . You can do so by email:eccgallagher@yahoo.co.uk

Autumn Seminars

Venue: The Bridge Centre Enniskillen

Time: 7.30pm – 9.30pm


Over the last number of years we have marked significant events that shaped Ireland to the present. To date centenaries have been peaceful, mature, balanced and complex. Over the next four years we mark two of the most significant and sensitive events in our shared history, the partition of Ireland and the Irish Civil War. The latter has left bitter legacies with families still divided. Northern Ireland remains a contested and divided society and Brexit has raised old and new issues which will dominate our lives for the next decade and more. Politics have already changed in these islands. How will we mark partition and the civil war? Can we bring an ethical remembering to the events and engage in civil conversations, which means respectfully and honestly and with an hospitable generosity to our contested narratives? This course will explore what led to partition and the civil war, taking time to look at a bigger picture shaped by the Paris Peace Conference 1919, it’s failures and legacies that still threaten world peace, not least in the Middle East. After exploring the events of 1919-1923 and how we might mark the centenaries, we will try to break a great silence, the reluctance to speak of partition, and ask, have we a future? What is it and what might it look like?



Wed  2 Oct   The Road To Partition : Centuries Of Gestation


Wed   9 Oct   The Big Picture : The Legacies Of The Paris Peace Conference 1919


Wed  16 Oct   The Birth Of Confessional States In Ireland


Wed  23 Oct   A Bitter Freedom : The Treaty And The Civil War


Wed  30 Oct   Partition Is The Elephant In The Room : But Have We A Future?


We look forward to seeing many of you at these events.

It is not necessary to register for the seminars


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