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Enniskillen Inter-Schools Conference

on February 21, 2020

Enniskillen Inter-Schools Conference

 0n Thursday Feb 13th more than 70 students from post-primary schools in Enniskillen and their sixth form teachers attended a very successful event which included a viewing of the film ‘The Quiet Shuffling of Feet’ and a follow-up workshop.

The event was hosted by Fermanagh Churches Forum and members of the Churches Forum participated. It was supported by the Good Relations Department of Fermanagh and Omagh Council.

The 55-minute documentary film ‘The Quiet Shuffling of Feet’ produced and directed by Fergus Cooper, addresses the issue of trauma through the eyes of David Bolton who has worked with the victims of trauma both here and internationally. He published a study on trauma titled ‘Conflict, Peace and Mental Health’ in 2017.

In the workshop participants had an opportunity to explore and share reactions to the film and discuss what they saw as its key messages. In the follow-up question and answer session, chaired by Noelle McAlinden, young people had an opportunity to pose questions to Fergus and David and hear further about their experience both in the making of the film, and in dealing with its subject matter.

Among the issues highlighted by young people were the challenges of living in a post conflict society, the importance of investment in Mental Health and Well-being and the significance of the opportunity which allowed pupils from different traditions to come together to discuss the sensitive subject-matter of the film.

Karen Whaley Psychotherapist from The Aisling Centre also attended and highlighted some of the services, courses and support available locally.

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