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Data policy

Fermanagh Churches Forum General Data Protection Regulation (2018) Policy



To ensure an effective system for communication with Forum members and others (supporters, friends, clergy, council officers etc.).

To ensure that information is used with integrity, appropriately, is accurate and only kept for the duration it is needed.



Information held will be made available to the individual to which it relates when requested, and will be deleted when the individual so requests.

The information will be held by the Forum Secretary or other designated General Data Officer (GDO).

The information will be used solely for the purpose of circulating information about Forum business and associated information including events organised by others.

Membership data will be held on password protected systems.

The Forum Secretary or GRO will respond to any data information requests on the Forum’s behalf.

The Forum Secretary or GRO (as data holder) will report any data requests or breaches.to the Forum.

Any loss/breach of personal data will be reported to the Information Commissioners Office within 72 hours.


Data which may be held


First Name:



Post Code:

Telephone (Home) (Mob)


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