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Cancellation of Fermanagh Churches Forum Lenten Lunches

on March 16, 2020
 Members and Friends of Fermanagh Churches Forum
In light of the increased  threat from Covid-19 a decision has been made to cancel the remaining Lenten Lunches. We do this regretfully as we will all miss this time of shared fellowship and worship. 
Our next  Lenten lunch was scheduled for Wed March 18 in the Methodist Church, Darling Street, Enniskillen led by Ronald Brown. He has kindly shared the reflection and prayers he prepared and they will be uploaded. The central focus is on prayer which is so important right now.
These unprecedented times make it necessary for all of us to follow guidance and take whatever mitigation measures we can, in order to look after ourselves and others.
We need also  to call up all our powers of resilience to remain positive and hopeful – no doubt this too will pass.
Meantime we will hold each other, our community and  all the world in prayer . 

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