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Autumn Seminars 2018

on October 11, 2018



Public theology is a new name for something people of faith have always done. It is now being re-branded in a situation where religion has become very private or secular and is taken to mean that religion has no place in public life. Public theology is God-talk, values and ethics in the context of the political, social, economic and environmental realities of life in the world. It is applying social ethics to social and public issues, and the faith community making its voice known along with all the other voices in the public square. Sometimes public theology has a critical voice, sometimes it needs to envision an alternative world, and so it can give voice to hope.


This course will explore doing public theology in public life. What is it and what are the many ‘publics’ we encounter? Reading the Bible in public will be different from how we read the Bible in church. We will explore how we speak of God and what the ethical values are that we bring to public life. Public theology is what we do with others and this means engaging the secular and our plural world of many religions. Today the faith community may need to do public theology or become anonymous or irrelevant in society.


Fermanagh Churches Forum is hosting 5 seminars on Public Theology

Venue:  Bridge Centre, East Bridge Street Enniskillen

Time:  7.30pm – 9.30pm


Week 1   October  17th     What on Earth Is Public Theology?

Week 2   October  24th      How many ‘Publics’ do we engage?

Week 3   November 7th   Reading the Bible in the Public Square.

Week 4  November 21st   Speaking Of God and Ethics in Public.

Week 5   November 28th   Doing Public Theology with many Religions and the ‘Secular’.


The course will be facilitated by Dr Johnston McMaster

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