Fermanagh Churches Forum

creating community ~ celebrating diversity

Our aims

The aims of the Fermanagh Churches Forum are:

  • To foster co-operation towards community building, through a process of active listening, sharing and reflection.
  • To improve mutual understanding through education by creating space and opportunity to explore who we are, where we have come from and where we want to journey together.
  • To promote recognition of and respect for a diversity of faith traditions and multiple cultures.
  • To honour our need for and commitment to healing, reconcilation and forgiveness.

To further these aims, we have set ourselves the following objectives:

  • To offer a safe space,  promoting an atmosphere that is respectful and non-judgmental and in which each person is valued
  • To provide opportunities for interactive encounters, including small group activities, where all can share their experience of life as it relates to their sense of identiy, culture and tradition.
  • To promote understanding by organizing conferences, lectures and workshops.
  • To provide opportunities for reflection aimed at facilitating dialogue, the development of new insights and a spirit of co-operation in the community and among the churches.
  • To share knowledge of our various Christian traditions and our different cultures through the medium of church trails, exchange visits and courses.
  • To search for and implement ways in which the Christian vision and gospel of Jesus can shed light on our ongoing experience of hurt and pain.

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